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About Us

Today we bring to you theĀ history of Church of Christ Nigeria at Mbiabong Ikono Uyo

The Genesis of the Church Of Christ Nigeria, Mbiohoku Road, Mbiabong Ikono Uyo, date back to 1954. Late Bro Smith Akpan Ekpo of Ikot Mbon Ikono, Uyo was a teacher who led some Elders of Mbiabong Village to Ikot Usen in Ibiono Ibom L.G.A to bring the church to plant in Mbiabong Ikono.

The Lutheran primary school, then at Mbiabong Ikono, was headed and managed by a white man known as Mr. Johnson, who wanted to limit the school at standard three (3) and to continue from standard four (4) to five (5) at Ediene Ikot Obioimo, the Neighboring village. Dissatisfied with this idea, the then Village Head Chief Udoaka Udoidiong and other Elders of the village appealed to Bro. Smith Akpan Ekpo in Company with late Udo Adiaha Idianga of Ukpom Abak who was a member of the New Church (The Church of Christ) at Ikot Usen to lead some Village Elders to Ikot Usen to bring the Church to plant at Mbiabong, because it accepted the primary school at Mbaibong to reach standard five (5)

In 1954, a Missionary by name Palma, a white man was sent by the Church of Christ, Ikot Usen to the Village to manage the school. Here, the missionary with the consent of the leaders of the village changed the name of the school from Lutheran school to Christian Primary school, mbiaobong Ikono and also preached the Gospel to members of the ten Lutheran church and converted them to members of the church of Christ.

Palma Shepherded the church for many years and trained people such as Bro. Ime Udoaka, Bro. Okon Samuel (all late) and others as teachers, preachers and interpreters of the Gospel. Among the pioneer members were the Chief Udoaka Udo Idiong, Chief Willie Udoaka, Bro Efanga Ekanem, Bro. Noah Udo Etukadiaha, Bro. hennery Ukpoho, and Bro. Bill Uyo all of blessed memory.

The first engaged pulpit preacher was Late Bro. E.E. Ikpidung. Other preachers include late E. N. Okon, S.S Esang, Late Etim Brown Udo and E.D. Udo. After Bro. E.D. Udo, there was no substantive Preacher; and church was tended by late KA.D. Ekwere and Bro. E.W. Utin. In 1984, Bro. E.W. Utin proceeded to the school of preaching at Nigerian Christian Bible College, Ukpom Abak and thereafter was appointed a full time pulpit minister by the church in 1986.

Church of Christ Members.

In 1984 the teaching of Christ against polygamy was introduced into the church and this brought ferocious crisis in which the church was forced to move out of her permanent place of worship by those who embraced polygamy. The church found refuge in our dear brother Sunday Samuel Akpan who voluntarily donated his house at Asa road as a temporary place of worship and the Church was addressed as the Church of Christ Asa Road Mbiaobong Ikono, Uyo.

While at Asa road, series of donations were made by brethren which facilitated the purchase of land and construction of our present place of worship here at mbiohoku road.

The church in her development strides, over the years had sponsored another brother Sunday Bill Uyo to the school of preaching at N. C.B.C Ukpom Abak for a preaching course, who subsequently on completion took up the preaching work at church of Christ Afia Nsit I and was supported by the church in Mbiabong, vanguard the establishment of the Church of Christ in Ikot Oku Ikono, Uyo, and also supported other congregations of the Lord within her neighborhood and can boost of a total number of 525 baptized members as her numerical strength.


Brethren we have every reason to thank God for having stood by the congregation during the period of infancy and fierce and crisis to this present moment. The Church of Christ Mbiohoku road has come of age though still striving for perfection.