Church of Christ Sermons Outlines for Free

Church of Christ Sermons Outlines for Free

Happy Day Brothers and Sisters, we are glad to know you are here get the latest Church of Christ Sermons Outlines for Free. As we will be bringing to you a list of sermons and explanation will also be given to the list of the sermons outlines there.

Churches of Christ salutes you, as we have in our tenets to be our brothers keeper we are glad to welcome you to the folks.

Church of Christ Sermons Outlines for Free

Below are the list of some sermons we have for yo to digest and admonished others to live in the right way.

Church of Christ Sermons Outlines

  1. God will not negotiate with them this year

Understand that the presented-day snake, depraved and cursed snake and it is different from the snake that spoke with Eve! The snake that tempted Eve was gorgeous, beautiful, adorned with many colors. Oh! The Jewish Torah says it was a GLITTERING SNAKE full of many changeable colors like that of a chameleon. The serpent was not crawling  before, it had legs and it was blessed like every other creature until she was enticed by its words.

Church of Christ Sermons Outlines for Free

BUT THE SERPENT MADE A FATAL MISTAKE! Ah! Your enemies shall make a fatal mistake that will ELEVATE and announce you in this year 2020! What was the  mistake of the serpent? The serpent allowed itself to be used against the image of God! Does it surprise you that questioned Adam and Eve but didn’t ask the serpent anything? After addressing Adam and Eve, God just took on the serpent and began to curse it without negotiation! That means God can never negotiate with anything or anybody that is being used to frustrate you.

BASIC SCRIPTURES: Church of Christ Sermons Outlines for Free

GENESIS 3;11-15; ISAIAH 59 ;7-19

GOD WILL NOT NEGOTIATE  WITH YOUR ENEMIES THIS YEAR and MERCY will ELUDE them! That shall be the story and end of every unrepentant enemy of your destiny.

It was this curse of Genesis 3:14 that brought down, humiliated and limited the serpent. Oh! When that curse was released by God, the serpent lost its legs, dust became its food and mankind became its enemy.

How to Get Church of Christ Sermons Outlines

Church of Christ Sermons Outlines

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I led to prophecy to you again today: “Any man or woman that hates you shall come down and disgrace shall envelop them in this year 2020. Ah! Because of you, an enemy shall crawl by fire! Yes! Those that hate your career, business, children, ministry, etc, and are working hard for your downfall shall eat dust and dry up in 2020 in Jesus name.

Church of Christ Sermons Outlines for Free

To negotiate with your enemies is suicidal because the word ‘PITY’ is not in their dictionary! Oh! I love Isaiah 59:19, “So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.” Glory to God! The Spirit of the LORD will LIFT A STANDARD AGAINST your haters this year! That standard is labeled: NO NEGOTIATION THIS YEAR! Make up your mind this year to fight that enemy to a standstill. Declare, “OPERATION NO NEGOTIATION” to every determined enemy! You are more than conqueror, and this is your year! Amen!

Church of Christ Sermons Outlines for Free

PRAYER POINTS: Take your best song of victory now.
a. Thank God for today’s word and pray as you are led now.

b. O you enemies of my destiny, you shall not fulfill your mission in my life in Jesus name.


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Thanks and God bless.

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