What is Church of Christ: Belief and Doctrine

What is Church of Christ : Belief and Doctrine

what is church of Christ


You first of all needs to know what is church of Christ and the meaning to be in Christ. Hence you are welcome.

You are either in Christ or outside Christ.

It is necessary for us to know that we would either be in Christ or outside Christ (i.e in His body or outside His body)

What is Being in Christ

what is church of christ

  1. To be in Christ means you need to be in His body.
  2. To be in His body has nothing to do with searching for Jesus at Jerusalem, Jericho, Nazareth, or even going to lie at His tomb or visit those areas He spent time.
  3. What is the body of Christ: According to the writer of Corinth precisely 1cor. 12:13, He says for by one Spirit we were baptized into the body of Christ. We cannot say that the body here is the physical body of Christ since during this time Christ was already at the right hand of God in Heaven.(Acts 2:30-37.)
    what is church of christ: what is church of christ

The important part of this portion is that by one Spirit we were baptized into the body of Christ. The question to unveil what the body of Christ goes this way “At baptism at other portions of the scripture, where were they added to or will others be added to the body of Christ and others to something else? Certainly not!

On the day of Pentecost after the meeting of Peter about 3,000 souls were baptized and they continued steadfastly (oneness) and in verse 47 the other souls that were believing in Christ were added to those that were being saved. Note here that they were added to the saved group (the saved body).

what is church of christ

Jesus while having a conversation with Nicodemus assured him that one can only enter the kingdom of God by being baptized of water and of spirit (John 3:1-5). And according to the writer of the book of Colossians “Christ is the head of the body; the church” Colossians 1:18. “I will build my church” Matthew 16:18.

We can deduce that the body of Christ is the kingdom of Christ which is the same thing as the church of Christ or Christ’s church and He is the head of the body (church) Colossians 1:18. In other words, the body of Christ is what we can see. Is not abstract or imagery but an institution own by Christ.

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  1. How many bodies can a person have? This is only my opinion. But what is the bible saying about the number of body.According to Ephesians 4:4, there is only one body, one God, one Christ, etc. According to this portion, if we have one spirit, one God, one baptism then the body which is the church must also be one in doctrines, morals, etc. what is church of christ.
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  2. How can we become a member in this one body? The process is the same. We must be obedient to the gospel of Christ that is the good news.
    According to Romans 6;3-6, this process is known as baptism. It is during this time that we identify with the cross of Christ.
    Again it is during this time that we receive forgiveness of sin and it is during this time that we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. This is the only process that God uses to add people to His Church.The process of being baptized added the following to the body of Christ or to the church of Christ, that is the process that made one to be in Christ:
  3. The 3,000 souls (Acts 2:41-42)
  4. Paul (Acts 9)
  5. The European Eunuch (Acts 8)
  6. Cornelius (Acts 10:47-48)

Paul’s Answer: what is church of Christ

Furthermore, from Paul’s statement that as many as are baptized are putting on Christ and the possibility because he is the head of the body and He loves the church the same way a true husband will love his wife. He is looking at the church as part of His body (Ephesians 5:23-31)


In conclusion, to be in the body means to be a member of the church. And I know that you will strive hard to identify the church that Jesus promised to build. I know you will study the scriptures the more to understand the doctrines.

I kow some people will have some questions to ask like why i left the church of christ. Do you think church of christ have rules and regulations and the problems with church of christ doctrine that will make some questions emerged, download church of christ logo.

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